Charleston, SC.

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Customer Service / Inside Sales
Maid Brigade in Charleston, SC

Maybe you are looking for new challenges but are tired of the politics that go on in many workplaces. You would like regular Monday-Friday hours, to have great co-workers, a fun environment, and good pay with bonuses for results. You like the idea of working in a progressive, growing business. You have a sense of humor and enjoy being able to express it. You like the thought of not needing to wear "dry clean only" clothing to work. You dislike paying for parking or dealing with the traffic and commute downtown. You seek an employer that is flexible so that if you need to take care of some personal things during work hours, it can be arranged. Maybe your current job is a little bit boring. Maybe you are tired of being just "support staff" and are looking for a place where you can grow into management. You certainly like a day that is challenging and varied, and like learning new things.

At 8:30 a.m. one of the housecleaning teams is on the two-way radio. They are at a client's home and the key is not working in the lock. You call the client at work and find out that she had the locks changed over the weekend and has hidden our new key under the back door mat. You call the team and let them know where to find the key and that they can bring it to the office.

At 10:18 a.m. you receive a frantic call from one of our occasional clients. Her mother-in-law is coming for dinner tomorrow and she needs cleaning either today or tomorrow. You check the schedule and fit her in tomorrow. She is thrilled because she now has one less thing to worry about.

At 10:45 a.m. you send a quote for service via email in response to an inquiry that arrived last night. You also leave a phone message and put some information about our service into the mail.

At 11:20 a.m. you take a call from a potential client. After discussing her needs, you develop a customized cleaning plan for her home and quote the prices. She schedules her first visit for three days from now and also every other week service. You schedule a confirmation visit with a manager.

At 1:25 p.m. you call a client whose first cleaning was yesterday to see how things went. They originally wanted only one-time service, but they are so impressed with our work that they request a quote for regular maintenance. After researching their needs and providing a quote, they schedule.

At 2:35 p.m. you take a batch of client newsletters to the post office to be mailed.

At 3:20 p.m. you enter comment cards and print the report for the operations manager.

At 4:30 p.m., you speak with an upset client. She says the team did not clean the upstairs of the house. The upstairs was being remodeled for the last two months, so we were not cleaning it. She said she called two days ago to tell us it was ready. You look at her file on the computer and see that although the rooms are listed in one section of the “to do list”, in another section there is a note that says, “do not clean upstairs until further notice”. The team made an honest mistake, but that we did screw up. You arrange to send a team out first thing tomorrow to clean the missed areas free of charge. By the time you finish your conversation, she is happy that she uses Maid Brigade.

This is an active, multi-faceted, hands-on customer service and inside sales position. Your time will be approximately 35% sales and 65% customer service. You will work with clients via telephone to assure that we are meeting or exceeding all of their housecleaning needs (100% customer service - "If we don't take care of our clients, someone else will!"). Keeping clients happy and satisfied leads to referrals of new clients. The goal of this new position is to reduce client loss significantly in the next twelve months due to proactive customer service.

You must have extraordinary people and communication skills via telephone and in writing in order to interact with clients. This is the most important skill that you must possess in order to be considered for this position! If you can honestly say that you enjoy listening to an unhappy client and turning them into a happy client, you are the one for us!!

You will work with clients regarding scheduling, "to-do" lists, and quality of service. You will follow up with clients via telephone and email to assure that they are thrilled with our service. You will work hand in hand with the operations manager, sales representative, office manager, and franchise owner to take care of the clients.

You will spend a majority of your time supporting existing clients and providing sales presentations to potential clients via telephone. You will also type all notes from these conversations accurately in the clients’ files. An ability to remain self-directed, even in a fast paced and sometimes confusing environment, is a must. Your grammar and verbal skills must be top notch. You must have the ability to create a very strong connection with people via telephone, making our clients always feel valued by our company. A caring attitude and genuine warmth that floats through the phone lines is very important.

You need to be very organized and detail oriented. You should have good computer skills (knowledge of email & the internet, Microsoft Word, Windows, and Outlook). You should be able to type at least 45wpm accurately, no "hunt and peck" typists, please! The faster you can type, the easier this job will be for you, since your job includes talking to the client and typing their comments into the computer at the same time!

A warm, outgoing personality is an absolute requirement. Experience in inside sales, telephone sales, or customer service would be very helpful.

Our workplace is extremely casual. Every day is casual Friday! The owner even brings her dogs to work with her! If these qualities sound like you, please keep reading. If not, please accept our best wishes in your ongoing pursuits. We believe that there is a perfect job out there for everyone!

Hours: 8:00 – 5:00 with a one-hour lunch break. 40-hour typical work week with flexibility for personal appointments via comp time. Temporary (probationary) employee, with potential for permanent hire within 90 days. Starting pay is expected to be in the $12.00 per hour range and will increase as your abilities become apparent. Permanent employees have paid vacation, paid holidays, and many other benefits.

Our company shows a consistent growth each year. As we grow, your job will continue to evolve along with the business. We are looking for a person who can wear many hats, and who has a strong interest in learning all of the positions in the office. Your loyalty, flexibility, and commitment to the good of the company will allow you to potentially evolve into positions of ever-increasing responsibility. Your income will increase along with your skills and the profitability of the company.

If you think that you are the perfect candidate for this position please FAX or EMAIL your resume along with detailed reasons as to why you think that you would fill this role successfully. If using EMAIL, please submit your resume and cover letter as MS Word (*.doc) attachments.

Our FAX number is 843-766-8572 and the e-mail address is

All applications must include a coversheet or letter containing why you feel that you could successfully fill this position.

Examples of items to include in your cover letter:
*** "Why I know that I would be a great inside sales/customer service person."

*** Experiences that demonstrate your ability creatively contribute to the success of a business

*** Examples of how you have achieved goals that were rewarded with bonuses or commissions

*** Why you are considering leaving your current employer for this position

*** What things about this position interest you most, and which things make you a little nervous.

These are just some ideas. You can come up with your own reasons that you are a match. Creative, yet honest communication is requested here. Any submissions missing such a statement as to why you would be a successful in this position will not be considered.

Thank you for investing your time in pursuit of this rewarding position!