Charlotte, NC.

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Team Operations Manager
Charlotte, North Carolina


At 7:45 am, you open the office, and the teams begin arriving at 8:00am. Our first priority is to get the teams out the door and on their way to our client's homes. Each afternoon, we prepare their materials and review their assignments for the next day. We make any last minute changes, and send them out by 8:20 am.


At 8:45 a.m., you begin constructing the schedule of teams and customers for the next day. 


At 9:45 a.m., one of the housecleaning teams is on the cell phone. They are at their second client's home and the key they have for the house is not working in the lock. You call the client at work and find out that she had new locks installed over the weekend and has hidden a new key under the back door mat. You call the team and let them know where the new key is located so they can bring it back to the office.


At 10:18 a.m., our office receives a frantic call from one of our occasional clients. Her mother-in-law is coming for dinner tomorrow night and she needs her home cleaned either today or tomorrow. You check the schedule and fit her in to an open appointment tomorrow morning. She is thrilled because she now has one less thing to worry about.


At 11:20 a.m., you begin the first of two team on-site visits for the day.  You inspect the team performance, including quality, compliance with our cleaning system, communication and direction between the supervisor and team member(s).  You check for resolution of any prior visit customer complaints, and you communicate with any new team members.   


At 1:25 p.m., you begin printing out and assembling next day work assignments by team, schedule by team, etc. You prepare any next day customer requests, special requirements, new customer field sheets, etc, for review by teams as they arrive back to office in afternoon.  


At 3:30 p.m. you begin one-on-one team supervisor review meetings to prepare for next day assignments.  You check paperwork for returning teams, review new team member assignments.


In this very active, multi-faceted, hands-on position, you will be part of management, with one of the leading professional housecleaning services in the Charlotte area. Because our house cleaners are primarily Spanish speaking, being bilingual is an absolute necessity. You must have very strong people and communication skills in order to effectively manage team operations for our company. You must have the ability to create a strong connection with our employees, and in communicating with our customers, making sure they always feel valued by our company. You need to be very organized. You should have good computer skills (knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel). A warm, outgoing personality is a must.

This is a small business environment. Multi-tasking is critical to your success.


Our workplace is very team oriented. Our company culture is one of mutual support and assistance, and strong inter-personal communication.

Maybe you are looking for new challenges.  You want to work a regular, Monday-Friday schedule, have great co-workers, and a friendly environment.

 You like the idea of not having to wear "dry clean only" clothing to work every day. You dislike the idea of having to pay for parking or deal with traffic or the commute downtown. You want an employer that is flexible so that if you have to take care of some personal business during work hours, it can be arranged. Maybe you are thinking your current job is a bit boring. Maybe you are tired of being just "support staff" and are looking for a company where you can grow into a management position. You like a workday that is challenging and ever-changing.

Hours: 7:45 am - 5:00 or 6:00, depending on the workload for the day. Typically, you can expect a 40-50 hour workweek with some flexibility for personal appointments. This position will have a competitive annual compensation commensurate with qualifications and experience. You will have paid vacation upon completion of 6 months of satisfactory service. You will have seven major paid holidays each year. Medical benefits are offered. Please tell us the salary range you seek in your application.

Our company has just completed our 11-year anniversary. We are very much in growth mode, and we want you to be a part of this exciting time with us! As we grow, your job will continue to evolve along with the business. We are looking for a person who can wear many hats, and who has a strong interest in learning. Your loyalty, flexibility, and commitment to the good of the company will allow you to evolve into positions of increasing responsibility and income.


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If you think that you are the perfect candidate for this position, please e-mail or fax your resume, along with detailed reasons as to why you think that you could fill this role successfully. Our e-mail address is Our fax number is 704-568-9733. Our mailing address is:  6101 Idlewild Road Suite 230 Charlotte, NC 28212

Please tell us why you feel that you could successfully fill this position.